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It is an undisputed fact that more often than not, many pastors find themselves having to look for promotions in their careers outside their church or the branch of the church that they work in, and this is when a lead pastor search becomes more important. A lead pastor, also known as a head or senior pastor in many congregations, is usually entrusted with pivotal pastoral roles that requires a crystal clear demonstration of trust and integrity. It is also a fact that in the event of an unfortunate circumstance like death, accidents or the occurrence of a debilitating disease, the search of a lead pastor may be initiated. It is true however, that during such circumstances, one can save themselves lots of time and other resources, if they know or understand the different ways of searching for lead pastor jobs online with guaranteed success.

lead pastor openingsMany experienced pastors will agree that despite the status and prestige that comes with the position of a lead pastor, true success in this position requires one to not only develop, but also to internalize the qualities required of a church leader in this position. In fact, many bright junior pastors know that just because lead pastor positions or lead pastor openings exist in their respective churches, does not necessarily make them eligible or qualified to apply. The job requirements that come with the lead pastor position must first be taken into consideration before even considering applying for the position if disgrace and embarrassment is to be avoided in the future. Below are several ways of searching for lead pastor jobs online that have proven to provide desirable results for they that have used them.

Searching on Online Job Websites

It is obvious that online job websites get hit with millions of job advertisements or adverts every day even in the weekends especially due to the fact that most of the working-class is out of jobs and seriously looking to land at least one. What is not obvious however, is how to apply for these jobs and not only get noticed, but also get at least an interview. It is true however, that with a resume tailored to suit the demands of the job description, one can land very decent senior pastor or lead pastor jobs with well-reputed churches.

Searching on the Church’s Website

Unlike in the older times where churches were relatively smaller and the transport and communications was not as developed, there was not much benefit to maintain a website for the church especially at the very beginnings of the internet. Today however, all these have changed thanks to the great strides in technology advancements as well as the immense availability of the internet to almost everyone in the church. The church’s website is therefore a perfect place to conduct a senior pastor search or look for new openings for a lead pastor as they are often updated first before any other job website or announcement bulletin.

Searching on Specific Websites Dedicated to Advertising Pastoral Job Openings alone

Just like any other profession, these are also specific websites dedicated towards serving the pastoral community alone and go to great lengths in availing all the required help needed for one to land the right pastoral position for them. In fact, these websites are also known to provide help with resume writing, networking with the right church officials as well as regular e-mail updates if one so chooses. Most churches advertise their jobs here, and it is a golden opportunity for any junior pastor to search for lead pastor positions.

Apart from knowing where to land these lead pastor jobs or senior pastor positions, it is equally important to know the specific qualifications or the skill set required by these potential employers before even considering to respond to a job advert. Most pastors usually ignore the fact that their potential interviewers are usually more aware of their predicaments and might have even been in their shoes at a particular time in their lives. Therefore adequately preparing for these interviews is of utmost importance if one is truly geared for success, and below are some qualifications that are usually required for a lead pastor.

1. He or she must be someone who can lead the strategic planning process and oversee the implementation of operational plans agreed upon by the Church’s Board of Elders.

2. He or she must be a visionary leader who is not only capable of fully understanding the church’s mission, but is also able to explain it to all the church members and cast the church’s vision to the entire congregation.

3. They must have skills to enable them to adequately evaluate and align all of the church’s programs into the broader vision of the church and at the least possible cost to the same.

4. If the pastor is already married, they have to be devoted to their spouses and have a track record of a reputable marriage that is worth emulating by anyone in the congregation who desires to do so.

5. They must be even-tempered and humble just like the biblical men of God exhibited these qualities and shepherded the people of God to wherever the Spirit of God willed.

6. They must be hospitable people who love and promote peace as well as exhibit self-control in their regular day-to-day lives.

7. They must be men or women of financial integrity with no scandals or corrupt deals that can taint their reputation or cause any embarrassment to the congregation.

8. He or she must exhibit the gift of teaching and be able to effectively teach the congregation on the true word of God with a main focus on understanding the word.

9. As a senior spiritual leader of the church, a lead pastor should adopt a lifestyle that is a morally good example to the congregation that is worth emulating.

10. They should also exhibit a lucid understanding of the word of God and not only welcome, but also aggressively promote activities geared towards understanding the Bible and living a Holy life.

While it might take a while for one to be fully confirmed as a lead pastor for a particular church, it is true that a lead pastor search need not be hard for anyone who follows this advice and measures up to the contest.

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